Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and support users through expert-led insights on how to build healthier relationships with ourselves and each other. We want to equip people with the knowledge, confidence, resilience and awareness to navigate the complexities of personal connections. Communication is the heartbeat of meaningful connections, and we want to raise the importance of nurturing those connections.

dara & co aims to transform lives through rebuilding the lost art of conversation, whilst ensuring that personal growth and overall mental and emotional wellbeing are at the forefront of every learning experience.

Our Purpose

dara & co is a safe and inclusive space for all. We have built a platform where everyone learns to communicate, connect and thrive. We strive to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, location, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

The platform is for people who want to:
  • Transform their confidence levels through articulate communication
  • Craft a fresh narrative in self-awareness
  • Invest in relationship resilience
  • Learn how to make meaningful connections through shared experiences

Our Approach

Human Need + Experts + Education + Technology

At dara & co we want to drive impact by placing humans at the very heart of every masterclass, live event, and podcast we produce. We know we are serving our users at a point of need, and we want those interactions with our experts to provide reassurance and peace of mind.

dara & co is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about creating a community where our users engage in a journey of growth and discovery. Empowered by emotive AI, we are harnessing the power of technology to deliver more personalised and enriching experiences.

Our Story

dara & co is an Irish edtech company led by CEO and co-founder, Naomh McElhatton, and editor-in-chief, Elaine Burke.

Driven by her own journey of challenging relationships and issues around forming new relationships, and the profound impact it had on her life, Naomh was inspired to forge a path to healing and growth, not just for herself, but for others facing similar struggles. She recognised that at the root of many of life’s challenges was a need for deeper self-awareness and more effective communication.

She envisioned dara & co, a platform uniquely dedicated to the human experience, to change the conversation in the world of relationships. One that facilitates personal development and the art of building healthy relationships. The platform is the embodiment of her commitment to turning personal adversity into a collective opportunity for transformation.

Through a blend of expert-led masterclasses, articles, podcasts and interactive live events, and a supportive community, the dara & co platform is designed to empower individuals to foster a more profound connection with themselves and others, paving the way toward a more fulfilling and happier life. Naomh’s mission is clear: to equip people with the knowledge, confidence, resilience and awareness to navigate the complexities of personal connections in a world that yearns for understanding and unity

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Who We Are

Naomh McElhatton

CEO and co-founder

Elaine Burke


Aoife McElwain

Life coach and masterclass host

Sam Stewart

LGBTQIA+ consultant and masterclass host

Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton

Cyberpsychologist and masterclass host

Mark Fennell

Life coach and masterclass host

Grace Alice Ó Sé

Sexpert and masterclass host

Deirdre McArdle

Columnist and contributor