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At dara & co we understand the power of storytelling, and we're excited to invite you on a journey to share your brand story like never before. We provide a diverse and engaged audience hungry for compelling stories. Whether it's through articles, immersive podcasts, or visually stunning banners, dara & co can help your brand story come to life.

Special Storytelling

With our Sponsored Stories feature, your narrative takes centre stage. Imagine your brand seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our content, capturing the hearts and minds of our readers. It's not just an ad; it's an invitation to be a part of a more meaningful conversation.

The Power of Voice: Podcast Sponsorship

Podcasts have become the voice of a generation, and your brand can be a part of that conversation. With Podcast Sponsorship your message resonates in the ears of our engaged audience. From heartfelt narratives to thought-provoking discussions, your brand becomes an integral part of the stories our audience loves.

Run of Site Advertising: Everywhere Your Audience Is

Your brand deserves to be seen. With Run of Site Advertising, your message isn't confined to a single corner; it's omnipresent, catching the eye of your target audience across various sections of our platform. Be it the homepage, articles, or niche content pages, your brand story takes the spotlight wherever our users go.

Email Marketing

In the cluttered digital space, email remains a personal touchpoint. A crucial part of our customer engagement strategy is to build upon a strong, already-established email database of 2.1 million users throughout Ireland and the UK.

We can put you directly in the inbox of our subscribers, a personal space reserved for trusted content, capturing their attention without distraction.

Join us on dara & co and let's spark new conversations.

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