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Having conversations about consent

We Consent ambassador Sam Stewart takes us through the fundamentals of consent, how we can model good consent behaviour in many parts of our lives, and the challenges that get in the way of meaningful consent.

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Master the art of effective communication

Communication expert Camilla Long talks you through the key practices, tools, techniques and exercises that you can use to have better, more effective conversations.

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Online dating
What you need to know about online dating

Expert cyberpsychologist Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton gives you a breakdown of how things work with online dating, and empowers you with the tools you need to get better outcomes.

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Take steps to grow your confidence

Life coach and self-development specialist Mark Fennell shares his techniques to shift your self-image, empowering you to navigate your life with confidence.

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From burnout to balance

Burnout can happen to the best of us, but it can be managed and mitigated with the right tools and techniques. In this masterclass, certified life coach Aoife McElwain, author of Slow at Work, teaches some of her burnout-busting methods.

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We need to talk about sex

Sex educator Grace Alice Ó Sé invites you to unlearn the things that make you unable to talk about sex, and teaches you why this is a valuable communication skill.

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Coming out
The dara & co guide to coming out

Sam Stewart gives you a guide to safely expressing your sexual orientation or gender identity to others, as well as offering tips on how to be a good ally.

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